InfoSect's Month of Pointless Bonus Bugs (#34)

InfoSect, Canberra's hackerspace, regularly runs public group sessions to perform code review and vulnerability discovery. Over the next 30 days, I'll highlight the source code of 30 unknown vulnerabilities.

Bonus Bug #34

Another bios decompression bug. This time in awardeco.

typedef struct
                byte    HeadLen;
                byte    HeadCrc;
                byte    Method[5];
                dword   PackLen;
                dword   RealLen;
                dword   TStamp;
                byte    Attr;
                byte    Level;
                byte    FilenameLen;
                byte    FileName[12];
                word    CRC16;
                byte    DOS;
                word    Empty;

        } LZHHead;


byte XtractAwd(FILE *ptx, byte Action, dword DecoOff, dword FirstOff, byte i

        FILE *pto;
        interfacing interface;
        byte PartTotal=0, CntMods = 0;
        NewLZHHead head;
        byte Buf[32], Buf2[128], Len = 0xFF;
        dword i, k, CurPos = 0;

        byte SkipMech = 0;


              case Xtract:
                /*      Xtracting Part  */

                printf("\n  %2.2i (%24.24s): ", CntMods++, head.FileName );
                printf(" %5.5X => %6.6X, %2.2i%, ID: %8.8X",            
                            ( 100 * head.PackLen / head.RealLen),           


                Buf2[head.FilenameLen] = '\x0';

No input validation on FilenameLen. It's only 1 byte, but it doesn't check for the sign, so you can overflow the 128 byte buffer on the stack with up to 255 bytes. 

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