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Linux Kernel Stack Smashing

Dr Silvio Cesare @silviocesare   Summary In this blog post I’ll discuss how to exploit the Linux kernel via a stack smashing attack. I’ll be attacking the latest kernel version. I’ll also introduce a vulnerable device driver that I wrote so that I can focus on the exploitation development and not the vulnerability research.  A number of mitigations were introduced in recent years, such as Kernel Page Table Isolation and control register pinning, which makes some previous techniques obsolete. Techniques like ret2usr no longer work. But regardless, I am able to privesc and gain a rootshell. An overview of the attack The attack can be split up into a number of stages: ·         Defeat KASLR ·         Leak the stack canary ·         Stack smash and overwrite the canary and return address to trigger a ROP chain ·         ROP to change the current creds to UID 0 ·         ROP into the code that returns from a system call and continues execution i