InfoSect Coronavirus (COVID-19) Announcement

InfoSect prides itself in providing high-quality, in person training with low student numbers per class and specialised instruction from our trainers. However, with the current Coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world, we understand this is not feasible for the near to medium term.

During this time InfoSect is planning to run live, interactive training courses.

What does this mean for students?

  1. Students will be provided a link the day before training starts to log into a virtual classroom.
  2. The virtual classroom will include a live stream of Silvio teaching the course.
  3. Students will be able to ask questions and engage live with Silvio during the course.
  4. Lab guides will be provided in soft copy instead of hard copy.
  5. Hands-on labs will be facilitated remotely, with the same hands-on, interactive challenges.
  6. InfoSect swag will be posted following the course.
Requirements to attend:
  1. A place to study.
  2. An Internet connection.
  3. A laptop with a browser and capable of SSH.
  4. A microphone or headset to talk, though a chat client will also be accessible.
We hope everyone stays safe during this time and we are available to answer any extra questions you may have at

Please see our course offerings at or email us on the above email to directly to book training.

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